The multipurpose Finnish style sleeping bag
December 09, 2015

Hello All!

There has been some queries about how the sleeping bag included in the box can be used. I wanted to take a couple of pictures with our youngest child Elias to show you a couple of different ways the sleeping bag can be used.


1. Stroller padding


In the first picture you can see how we use the sleeping bag in our stroller when we walk around and the baby is not intended to sleep. When the baby is smaller just make sure to keep the baby on a level surface to prevent him/her sliding to the bottom. :)

Elias here is already eight months old so he already travels in a sitting position. This is our autumn outdoor gear (indoor clothes, hat, fleece overall and the sleeping bag) when it's around +10 degrees Celsius in Finland. We basically always use the sleeping bag as a padding when we use the stroller as it gives such a nice and soft place for the baby to travel. During hot summer days we just simply open the zipper fully.


2. Play mat

The second picture shows how we use the fully-opened sleeping bag as a play mat on the floor. It gives a nice and soft place for a baby to lie and learn how to turn around and start moving without the fear of hitting his/her head to the floor too hard. When the baby is smaller it is simply a great place for the baby to lie on her back and explore the world around her. As the bag basically always travels with us as a stroller padding we always have a play mat that we can use to create a clean and soft place to put our baby wherever we happen to stop by during the day. I call this Finnish style practical design.


Sleeping outside

3. Sleeping outside

In the third picture you see how we put our baby to sleep in the bag. In this picture Elias is sleeping outside in our stroller. The basic idea is dress the baby according to the outside temperature and to place both arms inside the bag and close the zipper as much as needed. Putting both arms inside the bag becomes harder and harder as the baby grows and starts to move more. Elias has slept almost all his daytime naps outside in the bag since the day he was born.
It is really normal for babies in Finland to sleep naps outside - even during the winter time. The reason for this is that babies tend to sleep much better in a fresh air and almost all Finns have a safe place to put the baby to sleep outside. If you have a safe place for the baby to sleep outside (e.g. a yard or a balcony) and wish to give it a try, here's couple things to remember:
1. Observe baby's temperature so that it's not too hot or too cold to sleep. Best places to check the temperature are neck, hands and feet. You will learn really fast on how to dress the baby for outside naps according to weather.
2. Always use a baby monitor when putting baby for a nap outside so that you will notice immediately when the baby wakes up.
3. If it is a hot day, do not leave the strollers to direct sun as it may get really hot inside the stroller pretty fast.


4. Sleeping inside

In Finland using the sleeping bag for night sleeping is probably the least used feature of the bag. We have used it ourselves for night sleeping with all our babies, but I know many people only use the bag for daytime naps, as a play mat or with strollers. The picture above is a demonstration on how to put the baby to sleep inside. The small zipper on top is to create a hood, but we recommend not to use this hood for babies under six months. We normally never use the hood but it's something you can try to see if your baby likes it or not.

On this day Elias was quite an active fellow and I was not able to take a picture with his arms inside the bag, but that would be the idea at least as long as the baby is only a couple of months old. The most critical thing is to put the baby to a level surface. During the first four months we always created a tight U-shaped nest around the sleeping bag with a rolled duvet to keep the baby still when sleeping in the bag over night.

Elias is now over ten months old and the bag is still in everyday use with us. It has been the most loved and used product in the baby box in Finland for decades. The bag was the one item my mother has kept from my early eighties box and gave it to us as a gift when we were expecting our first baby.

I hope these pictures help you to get started with the sleeping bag as well!



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