The best baby starter pack for expecting parents is now Reima Baby Box

Reima US

Reima Baby Box

You can now find our new, compact version of the Finnish Baby Box on the Reima US site. The new box includes 17 pieces of hand-picked premium Nordic designed Moomin baby items.

Take a closer look at the products you soon can’t imagine living without.

What is Finnish Baby Box?

80 year old Finnish tradition brought to you by three Finnish dads

For the last 80 years, Finnish mothers have been given a box by the Finnish state; a starter kit with necessities ranging from clothes to toys to help care for their newborn. Today Finland enjoys the lowest infant mortality rate in the world, in part thanks to the maternity kit.

Finnish Baby Box was founded by three dads living in Finland who wanted to give families around the world a possibility to get the same starter kit to parenthood Finns get.


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