Making sense of baby preparation

What if you could get most what is needed to start a life with a baby with one purchase? That’s our mission – to help you get ready for the baby.


Highly recommended! Really high quality items and great value for money. Overall the experience was excellent. The box arrived in less than a week and the order process was seamless. Many Thanks to Finnish Baby Box!

Samuel | Switzerland | July 13th 2017


It's just simply amazing! It has so much more stuff than I expected and everything is so cute and colourful without being gender specific. Everything you need for your little one! Congratulations to the founders, amazing idea and THANKS for sharing with the world!

María Amezcua | Australia | June 6th 2017


Everything in the box is of great quality and is so unique and cute. I can't wait for baby to get here so that I can put them in all the cute outfits and have them sleep in the adorable box. Excellent value for the money and I recommend it to everyone who is expecting.

Sam | Cleveland, OH, USA | June 5th 2017


We are so pleased and excited to receive our baby box! Couldn't ask for more! We highly recommend this!

Jonah | United Kingdom | May 17th 2017


Expecting parents have so much on their minds and the Finnish baby box solves the "what do I need for my baby" in one go! I bought a box for my daughter who is expecting her first baby and it has everything she needs for her baby for the fist year! And the clothes are beautiful and well made. Everything is so well thought out and neatly arranged. A no brainer, the most practical and useful gift ever, highly recommended.

Drifa Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir | Reykjavík, Iceland | August 12th 2017
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An Experience to Remember

Receiving and opening the Finnish Baby Box is one of the most memorable moments when expecting a baby. It simply makes the whole process that much more real and helps you to feel better prepared.

In addition to a memorable experience you’ll receive a selection of great quality products for your baby, handpicked by our experienced team and delivered to your door free of charge. It’s our signature service – much imitated but never matched.

What's Inside

A curated collection of baby essentials to get you started with the baby life

  • Outdoor clothes sized for the first winter to keep the baby warm
  • Indoor clothes in four sizes to look cute throughout the first year
  • Sleeping products through the baby and toddler years
  • Bath and hygiene products to take care of the baby
  • Bed box to ensure a safe sleeping place for the baby
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From Parents to Parents

Finnish Baby Box was founded by three Finnish fathers to help new parents

We know all too well how crazy life can be when preparing for the arrival of the baby. But what if you could finish half of the to-do list at once?

We all experienced that luxury as in Finland families receive a baby box as a gift from the government and created Finnish Baby Box to offer a similar experience to expecting parents all over the world.

According to our experience easier preparation makes for better and happier parents. Hopefully you find it interesting and maybe the Finnish Baby Box will help you get prepared too!

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