The seasonal clothing items of your Finnish Baby Box are customized to ensure they are perfect for the baby.

Customization by due date

How many clothing sizes does a baby go through in the first year?

On average, babies grow about 50 % in a year and go through four clothing sizes during the first year. If you grew that much, you’d be anything between 8-9ft in 12 months. So, with a baby, what fits in the first month is too small by the third at the latest!

Finnish Baby Box includes indoor clothing in four consecutive sizes from newborn to around 12 months.

How is the sizing of seasonal clothes customized?

We need your help in determining the correct sizing for the winter and summer clothing. Please select the baby's due month during the ordering process and we'll be able to provide you with seasonal clothing that will fit the baby perfectly.

To calculate the correct sizing we use our internally created size estimation tool. It has proven to be so accurate that we guarantee the sizing: if your seasonal clothes are not correctly sized, we'll replace them free of charge.

What seasonal clothes are included?

The seasonal clothes include short sleeved playsuits for high summer as well as an outdoor clothing set for winter.

Customization by climate

How cold is December in Chicago compared to Los Angeles?

30°F colder, on average. So in addition to the sizing, we also custamize the insulation and materials for the winter outdoor clothing to make it perfect for the baby no matter where you live.

How are the winter clothes customized?

We need a bit of a hint about how cold the typical winter days are where the baby will be living their first winter. Your selection will affect the insulation and materials according to the table below.

ClimateOutdoor overallOutdoor hat
NORDICWarm wadding (200g)Water-repellentWindproofWarm wadding
COOL/MILDLight wadding (80g)Water-repellentWindproofLight wadding

In case you’re in a region with milder winters still, or no seasonal variation, please let us know in the chat window or by email