Are You Ready for Parenthood?

While wonderful, expecting and having a baby can also be daunting and put unexpected strains on the parent(s) involved. It is easier to adapt to the changes if you can prepare yourself for them already during the pregnancy.

Considering the potential challenges in advance will make a huge difference to how easy adapting to the newcomer will be for the whole family! It is useful for the parents to think about the different aspects and talk about them with each other. After all, you wouldn’t take a driving test, either, without taking a few lessons first.

Enter the resource questionnaire

Finnish pre-natal clinics ask all expecting parents to individually fill in a questionnaire on their everyday resources and preparedness for having a baby. The answer sheets are then used as a basis for discussing the potential challenges, or points of conflict with a healthcare professional before they even materialise.

You can just as easily use the questionnaire with your partner without a third party (like Sara and I did, which was insanely useful!).

Download the resource questionnaire

Once done, I guarantee that you’ll be mentally prepared when the stork flies by.

And for everything else there’s the Finnish Baby Box.


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