The Birth of Finnish Baby Box

I have been asked hundreds of times how we came up with the idea to start offering Finnish Baby Boxes to parents around the world. The short answer is that it all started from our own experiences of becoming parents the first time.

In Finland all expecting parents receive a baby box to prepare for the baby

You may have heard that in Finland (where we are from) every expecting family receives a grant from the state in the form of a baby box full of essential products to start a life with the baby. When me and my wife received our very own baby box in the second trimester when expecting our first baby, it felt like the clouds parted, a heavenly choir sang and the sun shone down on us. Suddenly we realized that we weren’t alone, and that maybe, just maybe it would all be alright. We had the box and with it a great deal of necessary baby products, we had instructions on how to not be total failures as parents, our confidence increased, and we felt totally ready.

Holding my baby the very first time in October 2010

Three fathers and a baby box

Our first baby was born in October 2010 and we started our lives as parents. For a while I forgot baby boxes and focused on to be a great father. During one evening in late 2013 I had a discussion about baby box experiences with my two good friends and realized that we all felt it had helped us tremendously to prepare for parenthood. And then it hit us that the rest of the world was deprived of this relief. That’s when the idea of the Finnish Baby Box was conceived. Our dream was to offer a similar experience we have had ourselves to new parents around the world.

Enthusiastically the three of us started working towards our dream by combining our experiences of parenting to include the most useful products in the Finnish Baby Box. In the beginning we selected the designs ourselves, had a warehouse in our living room, and of course used our own babies to make sure that all our products can keep up with real-life (read: chaos and many spins in the good old washing machine). Finally, in September 2014 we shipped our very first boxes to families around the world.

The three Founding Fathers at our first (real) warehouse

Today we have shipped more than 10,000 Finnish Baby Boxes to over 80 countries all over the world

Fast forward to present day. More babies have born to our families and currently the total child count between the three of us is at eight. In addition to our families also the business has grown. We have shipped well over 10,000 Finnish Baby Boxes to expecting families in more than 80 different countries all over the world. And most importantly we have had the privilege to play a small part in the lives of thousands of new parents during the most exciting time of their lives!

The dream we had in 2013 has turned into reality.


Father of three
Founding Father of Finnish Baby Box