When to Order Your Finnish Baby Box

They say timing is everything, and we couldn’t agree more. Below you can find three different views to help you time your order perfectly.

In Finland expecting parents receive their baby boxes 2-4 months prior to the due date

Let’s start on how the system works in Finland where we already have decades of baby box tradition. In Finland expecting parents are eligible to claim their baby boxes after 154 days of pregnancy (in plain English that’s about 4 months prior to due date). This is a really good time to start preparing materially for the baby as the pregnancy has normally reached a stable stage. In Finland there’s also a deadline after which the parents lose their right to claim the baby box. That deadline is set to two months before the due date. But nothing to worry about if you have already passed that mark, we are not as strict as the Finnish government.

55% of our customers order their box 3-5 months prior to the due date

Looking at our order data our customers seem to agree with Finland and generally want to receive their baby boxes well in time before the due date. Clearly the most common time to order the box within our customers is three months prior to the due date (25% of orders). We do receive also last minute orders as well as early orders to celebrate the pregnancy but majority of our customers place their order around three months prior to the due date.

Finnish Baby Box customer data on order timing

Personally, we loved getting our baby box as early as possible

We received our baby box four months prior to the due date. I would say that receiving the baby box was even more important for me as a father-to-be than my wife as it was really the first concrete sign in our home that we really would have a new tiny family member joining us in no time. I still remember opening the baby box and going through all the items on the floor of our living room with my wife. It made the whole process so much more real for both of us but especially for me as I was not experiencing any physical changes in my body. The other benefit of receiving the baby box early was that it was a great way to kick off the preparation period for the baby!

No worries if you didn’t discover the box that early

The Finnish Baby Box works just as well as a gift for yourself or your loved one to avert any unnecessary last-minute panic. We have fast delivery options to get the box to you in just a few days if needed.

Timing is everything and maybe it’s time to order yours now!


Father of three Founding Father of Finnish Baby Box