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Products All our products are designed to make life with a baby easier and smoother, tested by us and thousands of our customer families around the world. Below you can take a closer look at the product features you couldn’t have imagined needing, and soon can’t imagine living without. Skip to Materials » Challenges we’ve focused on: Babies have growth spurts Babies don’t like being dressed and undressed, especially for nappy changes Babies scratch their faces bloody, especially in their sleep Babies have underdeveloped circulation, especially in their extremities Special product features Double fastenings Learn more

About Us

Our Story Finnish Baby Box was founded by three dads living in Finland who wanted to give families around the world a possibility to get the same starter kit to parenthood Finns get. For the last 75 years, Finnish mothers have been given a box by the Finnish state; a starter kit with necessities ranging from clothes to toys to help care for their newborn. Today Finland enjoys the lowest infant mortality rate in the world, in part thanks to the maternity kit. Learn more


Customization The seasonal clothing items of your Finnish Baby Box are customized to ensure they are perfect for the baby. Customization by due date How many clothing sizes does a baby go through in the first year? On average, babies grow about 50 % in a year and go through four clothing sizes during the first year. If you grew that much, you’d be anything between 240-275 cm in 12 months. Learn more


Design Our goal is to put the fun in functionality. Yes, we’re doing our utmost to make the products as easily useable as possible, but we also think enjoyable designs make for happier parents. After all, you’ll spend most of your waking hours looking at the baby during the first year. For design, you can choose: Scandinavian Full of simple yet colourful, gender-neutral designs. Think spring-fresh days, summery stripes, fall fun in the park and warm and snug winter strolls. Learn more


Quality As a service made by parents for parents-to-be, we’re super-selective about the quality of the products in the Finnish Baby Box. After several babies, we feel that functionality and durability are the absolute top priorities in baby products. Therefore, our products feature clever designs that make life just a little bit easier every baby step of the way. They’re also durable, because – how can we put this – there will be laundry. Learn more


Safety Our products are carefully tested to fulfil safety standards for baby items in Europe and North America. That means: no harmful chemicals, no loose parts, and food-grade safety on anything the baby might lick or put in its mouth, including the cardboard box itself. Safe sleeping: Finland has had one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates for six decades. Throughout that time, most Finnish newborns have slept in boxes similar to the Finnish Baby Box. Learn more


Sizing Babies grow faster than you would ever imagine during the first year. We help you to be ready for the growth spurts! How much will the baby grow in the first year? The baby will grow at an incredible rate during her first year. In fact, this is the fastest she’ll ever grow! Over the first 12 months, you can expect her to roughly triple her birth weight be about one-and-a-half times as tall as she was when she was born have around 30% larger head circumference In practice this amazing growth rate means she will go through four sizes of clothing in the first year! Learn more


Tradition The history of baby boxes dates back eight decades. In 1930s Finland birth rates were in decline, but infant mortality was not. The maternity grant was introduced in 1938 to incentivise expecting mothers to seek pre-natal care with the public health services. This makes the Finnish maternity grant an older invention than the ballpoint pen, or the atomic bomb. The grant was initially only offered to low-income families and was worth a third of an industrial worker’s average monthly wages. Learn more


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