All our products are designed to make life with a baby easier and smoother, tested by us and thousands of our customer families around the world.

Below you can take a closer look at the product features you couldn’t have imagined needing, and soon can’t imagine living without.

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Challenges we’ve focused on:

Special product features


For all items we are using materials that are best-fit for purpose: above all they are always safe and durable, but also provide the baby with maximum comfort. With babies, it is important that materials in everyday use are easy-care.

In addition, in clothing the baby’s comfort is crucial, so we use soft and stretchy, yet durable fabrics (cotton and elastane, and pure cotton with a biowash finish).

As the baby’s body temperature regulation is still developing, seasonal clothing needs to keep the baby nice and cool in the summer and warm and snug in the winter. Our summer wear is part tencel, which compared to plain cotton, is more absorbent and more effective at transferring moisture from the baby’s skin, making the clothing more pleasantly cool to wear.

In mid-seasons and winter, the baby needs help in keeping warm. For this, we provide a fleece overall and a wadded outdoor overall that is also lightly water-repellent.