Babies grow faster than you would ever imagine during the first year. We help you to be ready for the growth spurts!

How much will the baby grow in the first year?

The baby will grow at an incredible rate during her first year. In fact, this is the fastest she’ll ever grow! Over the first 12 months, you can expect her to

In practice this amazing growth rate means she will go through four sizes of clothing in the first year! And babies grow in spurts, so occasionally she’ll grow out of a previous size very suddenly. Thankfully, the Finnish Baby Box includes indoor clothing in four different sizes, so that you will always have something for the baby to wear and can avoid panic shopping.

How does Finnish Baby Box take the fast growth rate into account?

First, the clothing in the Finnish Baby Box comes in four consecutive clothing sizes so you’ll always have basic clothes for the baby available.

Additionally, many of our bodysuits are of an adjustable length, thanks to clever double fastenings, so they grow with the baby and can be used for longer. Similarly, you can get more use out of the pants with a wider waist band, that can be folded or unfolded, to fit the baby for longer. Please read more about the clever product features from the Products section.

For winter clothing (outdoor and mid-layer overalls and headwear) we provide you with the correct size for the age the baby is at the time. We calculate this based on the due date and your location. You can read more about this in the Customization section.


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