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The Finnish Baby Box is a treasure trove for parents-to-be. It is super delightful whether you’re ordering for yourself, or as a gift (award for best baby shower present, anyone?). It is an extra special way to congratulate a loved one even when you can’t do so in person. Scroll down to find out more, or

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Three things to know

Baby Box and Baby Boy in Hat

What it is...
All-in-one box of baby essentials

A collection of baby clothing, bedclothes, hygiene products and other baby essentials to make life easier for new parents.

Baby with Moomin Toy

How it is special...
Customized for your baby

We select the right sizes and type of products based on the due date and your location to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Yawning Baby in Blanket

Famous for...
Safe sleeping in the box

For 75 years, newborns in Finland have slept in these boxes. So did we and our own children. You’ll be surprised how cute and practical it is.

"Best pre-baby purchase!"

"I was so delighted with my Finnish Baby Box! The box itself is adorable, and my baby is still sleeping in it at 7 weeks, it saved us from having to purchase a bassinet! The clothing provided is of exceptional quality, and the bedding is so cute. I have recommended it to everyone I know!!"

Allison from Canada on Feb 4, 2016

"A great deal on most of what you need in the beginning"

"I'm a first-time mother and I bought this box to prepare for my baby's arrival. Now that my baby is here, I confirm that the Finnish Baby Box is a great purchase."

Astria from Germany on Oct 24, 2015

"Such a wonderful experience!"

"I received the Finnish Baby Box as a baby shower gift. When I opened the Box, I was so pleasantly surprised! There is literally everything that you need to start your life with your baby."

Amanda from United States on Feb 5, 2016

"Best baby gift ever"

"I purchased the Moomin edition Finnish Baby box as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law and their first child and my first grandchild, a baby boy. It is a treasure trove of the most lovely, sweet yet practical items you can imagine. I cannot recommend this wonderful product highly enough."

Coreen from United States on Jan 8, 2016

"Moomin Baby Box"

"If anyone who reads this is in any doubt about ordering either box, take it from me they are worth every penny in our view."

The Finnish Baby Box

Packing a Finnish Baby Box

Our boxes are filled with a selection of great quality products for your baby, handpicked by our experienced team and delivered to your door free of charge. It’s our signature service – much imitated but never matched.

New! Toddler Box

Our brand new product - the Toddler Box - is now available! We have included the same premium products and excellent package in a box specifically designed for 1-2 year olds.

See Toddler Box details


Every month one new mailing list subscriber will be the lucky winner of an Original Finnish Baby Box! Plus, if you’re on a bit of a tight schedule and can’t wait until the end of the month to order the box, worry not: If you’ve already purchased the box and luck strikes with your name, we will refund you the full price of an Original box. How neat is that!