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If you want to celebrate the baby in a truly special way, then Moomin Finnish Baby Box is your choice. We have combined the 80 years of Finnish baby box tradition, Tove Jansson's adorable Moomin designs and superior quality baby items to create an unforgettable experience for your baby preparation.

This Moomin baby collection has been designed exclusively for Finnish Baby Box and arrives packed in a beautiful Moomin cardboard box with a fitted mattress to offer a safe sleeping place for the baby during the first months.

Join thousands of other families and invite the whole Moominvalley to welcome the baby!

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Moomin sleep sack - 50-56 cm / newborn to 3 months
Welcome to Moominvalley, little one. This extra soft cotton mix sleep sack with a beautiful pastel design has button opening at the bottom for easier overnight diaper changing and fold over sleeves to keep small hands warm during the night.
Moomin sleep sack - 62-68 cm / 3-10 months
Rise and shine! Start everyday joyfully, waking up with this Little My and Hattifattener sleep sack. The fasteners at the bottom help keep your baby's feet cosily tucked in.
Moomin pajama - 62-68 cm / 4-9 months
This pajama is the softest cotton-elasthane outfit to lull your baby to sleep, adorned with a tender Moomin design. The full-length zipper makes even night-time nappy-changing easy.
Moomin playsuit - Custom size based on due date
Moomins ahoy! This soft, eco-friendly cotton-Tencel mix playsuit is the perfect outfit for your baby on a hot summer day. The long zipper at the front makes dressing easy. Adorned with Tove Jansson's original illustration for a timelessly fresh look.
Moomin onesie - 50-56 cm / newborn to 2 months
This cotton-elasthane onesie is so awesome we wish it came in adult sizes. Perfect for first visits by family and friends.
Moomin pants - 50-56 cm / newborn to 2 months
We all live in a yellow... well, Moomin boat, according to Tove Jansson! The biowashed cotton mix and wide rib waist ensure these pants are comfortable as well as joyously bright.
Moomin onesie - 50-56 cm / newborn to 2 months
Sail into the sunrise with this extra soft cotton-Tencel mix onesie inspired by Tove Jansson's original Moomin illustrations. Double fastenings for adjusting size with growth. Not included in every box.
Moomin pants - 50-56 cm / newborn to 2 months
Tender "Moomintroll white" is a perfect neutral color for a newborn. The comfortable model will keep you and your baby happy. Not included in every box.
Moomin onesie - 56-62 cm / 1-5 months
Soft cotton-elasthane mix, tender forest green and an adorable Moomin design make this onesie an everyday favorite.
Moomin pants - 56-62 cm /1-5 months
Rock the classic black-and-white stripe with these stylish yet comfy Moomin cotton mix pants.
Moomin onesie - 56-62 cm / 1-5 months
This cotton-elasthane bodysuit brings a down-to-earth yet joyful feel to the day.
Moomin pants - 56-62 cm / 1-5 months
Little My powers up the day on these super comfy cotton mix pants. The ribbing at the waist and ankles is extra wide to enable rolling up and down as the baby grows.
Moomin onesie - 62-68 cm / 3-8 months
Another day of sun in Moominvalley can light up your day as well! The material is soft cotton-elasthane mix.
Moomin pants - 62-68 cm / 3-8 months
In these pants, nothing can stop your baby from having a joyous day! Stretchy cotton mix makes moving easy and fun.
Moomin onesie - 62-68 cm / 3-8 months
Moomin up your life with this fun and unique cotton mix onesie! The clever double fastenings allow you to adjust the length, so that the onesie grows with your baby.
Moomin pants - 62-68 cm / 3-8 months
"Stinky" pants for your little stinky pants! Not a day so bad it can't be cheered up by Moominvalley's favorite scoundrel. Comfy cotton pants perfect for lounging around!
Moomin onesie - 68-74 cm / 8-12 months
Zap! Electrifying yet simple design meets comfy cotton mix to make a superb onesie for energetic days filled with practicing motor skills.
Moomin pants - 68-74 cm / 8-12 months
Never a boring day with the Moomins! As your baby learns to crawl and more, these cotton mix pants will help keep the energy and comfort levels at the maximum.
Moomin onesie - 68-74 cm / 8-12 months
Cotton mix onesie with a Moomintroll design bursting with color! As bright as your little sunshine, this onesie makes every day a little bit adventurous.
Moomin pants - 68 cm / 6-8 months
White cotton pants with a happy Moomin twist! White is a classic color on babies all year-round, and these comfy pants are great for learning to crawl.
Light socks and mittens - 19-21 (EU) / 4-5.5 (US) / 3-4.5 (UK)
These light cotton socks and mittens are perfect to keep the small baby feet and hands warm both indoors and outdoors. Babies are still developing their peripheral circulation so it's good to use socks and mittens most of the time on the baby.
Tights - 62-68 cm / 3-6 months
These tights are perfect to use either separately with a onesie or under any pants, pajama or sleeping sack to give extra warmth whenever needed. The material is a soft, comfortable and elastic cotton-polyamide-mix to ensure nice fit.
Outdoor overall / sleeping bag - Custom size & insulation based on due date and climate
This outdoor overall is ideal for a stroll in the city or cozy pram rides during winter time. It has fold over sleeves to keep hands warm and easily converts into a sleeping bag in no time. The two full-length zippers make it super easy to dress.
Moomin knitted overall - Size according to due date
100% wool knitted overall in a happy Moomintroll pattern, perfect for mid-season outdoors use and as a mid-layer in the winter. Guaranteed to keep your baby nice, toasty and adorable.
Outdoor hat - Size & insulation depending on due date & climate
Our knitted outdoor hat will make the baby look super cool and keep the baby's head warm in all conditions. The hats come in different designs, depending on your climate. Soft polyester lining and wool/acrylic (Nordic), or cotton (Cool&Mild) knit.
Moomin light indoor / outdoor hat - Newborn to 3 months
Little babies' bodies are still learning to control body temperature and this happy little cotton hat is perfect for helping with that.
Balaclava hat - Custom size based on due date
This soft and light balaclava hat protects the head and neck of the baby on cold or windy weather. It can be used separately or under another hat. The material is a blend of 85% wool and 15% silk to make it feel smooth against sensitive skin.
Moomin socks and mittens - 19-21 (EU) / 4-5.5 (US) / 3-4.5 (UK)
These thicker socks and mittens are sure to protect your little one's tiny hands and feet from the cold. As a bonus, they're super comfortable and cute to boot!
Moomin bed box - 70 x 43 x 27 cm / 27.6 x 16.9 x 10.6 in
Die Bettbox und die angepasste Matratze sorgen für einen sicheren Schlafplatz für die ersten Monaten Ihres Babys. Der Pappkarton wurde aus Frischfasern gefertigt und enthält damit keine Unreinheiten. Die Druckfarben sind giftfrei und wasserlöslich.
Mattress - 70 x 43 x 40 cm / 27.5 x 17 x 15.5 in
The mattress is a firm foam mattress designed in accordance with recommendations for safe baby sleeping (E23 Freon free, no coloring, no fire retardants, formaldehyde free). We use the same mattress as the government issued baby boxes in Finland.
Mattress cover - 45 x 75 cm / 17.5 x 29.5 in
This mattress cover is designed to protect the mattress under the bottom sheet when the bed box is used as a baby bed. It is easy to wash with the bottom sheet. The material is cotton with an waterproof air-permeable polyurethane backing.
Bottom sheet - 90 x 150 cm / 35 x 59 in
This 100% cotton bottom sheet is sized to fit any regular crib so it will last through the first couple of years of the baby. The sizing is designed so that it fits perfectly to the size of the bed box when folded twice to half.
Duvet - 80 x 120 cm / 31 x 47 in
This warm duvet is designed to be used with the duvet cover provided in the box. It is sized to last through the first couple of years of the baby. The material is outside a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and inside 100% polyester.
Duvet cover - 85 x 130 cm / 33 x 51"
This cute duvet cover featuring Finnish forest animals in pastel colors is sized to fit the duvet provided with the box, and can be used for as long as the duvet is large enough for the baby. The material is 100 % cotton.
Moomin fleece blanket - 80 x 80 cm / 31 x 31 in
The Moomin design fleece blanket is perfect for swaddling. Small babies often sleep better swaddled, and this super soft, light, and warm blanket is made especially with that in mind. Can also be used for extra warmth in a stroller, or as a playmat!
Moomin hooded towel - One size
Your baby's bath time will be luxurious with this superbly thick and soft hooded Moomin towel.
Personal care items - 6 pieces
The personal care set includes a pair of washable bra pads, blunt tip nail scissors, a soft bristle toothbrush, a bath thermometer with harmless rapeseed oil as measuring fluid, a hairbrush with soft bristles and six natural rubber latex condoms.
Moomin plush toy
Adorable Moomin character plush toy to welcome your little one into the world! Sniff, Snufkin or Moomintroll.
Feeding bib - 4+ months
Superior soft bib with a comfortable, safe and adjustable fastener, and a tried and tested spill pocket to catch any mess. Easy to rinse and wipe clean. Made from EU and US -food-safety approved polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
Moomin drool bib - One size (adjustable)
When it comes to babies, there's no escaping all the drool, especially when they're teething. However, that is simply a great excuse to sport this kick-ass cotton-elasthane Moomin drool bib (kind of a mini-bandana!) with three length settings.
Muslin burp cloth - 70 x 70 cm / 27.5 x 27.5 in
These bamboo cotton muslin cloths are a must-have in everyday baby life. They're super absorbent and perfect for protecting your and the baby's clothes during and after feeding. And for wiping down anything else, really.
Baby bottle - 2+ months
This baby bottle is perfect to use in combination with breastfeeding. The bottle contains a practical container as well as a mixing net, anti-colic valve and has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. The bottle is BPA, BPS and BPF-free.

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All our products are compliant with the REACH regulation meaning that they are tested and free from any harmful substances for the baby.


The materials used are mechanically tested to meet the high standards required to endure the baby life. We only use reputable factories with years of experience in high quality baby product manufacturing.


Our products come in Scandinavian designs meaning that they are simple, colorful and gender neutral. We cooperate with experienced designers to create collections loved by families worldwide.


We use four different clothing sizes and clever multi-size features to match the fast growth of the baby during the first year. Seasonal clothing size and climate features are always customized for your baby.

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